Will Your Next Family-Car Be A Used 2016 Honda?

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Will Your Next Family-Car Be A Used 2016 Honda?

Perhaps your next family-car will be a used 2016 Honda? With so many choices in the dependable family-car market today it is hard to say. How we got from the old “Tin Lizzie” one size fits all to the 250 models of family-cars to choose from today is a long tale. Think about it, safety, engineering, convenience, quality, finances and types of families have all played a role in it. Many people see their car as their home on wheels and it may cost close to that.

How to choose?


For those reasons, a used 2016 Honda Civic may become your family-car choice this time around. How to know? How to choose? Look. Read. Research. Ask people and ask automobile dealers once you determine what your family needs. I always include, Kelley Blue Book, Consumers Report and Edmunds.com in my research once I narrow it down to just a few models. Each provides a slightly different professional and consumer point of view. I do a quick overview of crossover/SUVs and minivans because there just might be something especially new and purposeful for us. But my preference is a solid affordable sedan with 4 or 5 doors.

Cost, Safety, Reliability


The first rule for a great family car is to be a great car with a terrific reputation.

The most important issues are cost, safety, and reliability. Then I look at convenience, comfort ,cargo space and resale value. Why? That is how my Dad taught me many years ago and I have never had a bad experience with a vehicle choice. (Thanks Dad. Don't ever go vehicle searching without some of your family members. Each has an important perspective.) The value of a Honda Civic has always included its great resale value, quality and reliability. Now, it offers more features and is an even more appealing family-car.

Honda has a safety options for all trim levels. Many of its features are not available in other compact cars. For what it buys in your peace of mind, it is worth it. Look for a used 2016 Honda Civic that already has these features included. Infotainment features such as Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth or Android Auto technology are standard in your 2016 Honda Civic.

Honda Civic basics

A new base 2016 Honda Civic would cost less than $20,000 with an assembly of standard equipment. A well cared for 2016 Honda Civic should cost you considerably less than that and still contain the standard benefits in every 2016 Civic sedan. The trunk has 15.1 cubic inches for plenty of gear and the rear seat is roomy. Not all baby seats will fit comfortably because it is a compact car.


Engine and Economy

Expect good fuel economy from all of the Honda Civic models, even the basic 1.5-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder will give you good fuel economy. There is also a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder model works fine and is less expensive.

If I were looking today, I would go directly to Baierl Automotive in Wexford, PA for my next used family-car. Baierl has proudly served the Greater Pittsburgh Area for more than 40 years and is famous for reliability, quality and service. Baierl carries more than 12 major automobile brands and stands behind their products. It is easy to find Baierl Automotive from Franklin Park, Cranberry, Butler, Corapolis, North Hills, Mars, Sewickley or any where in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

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