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 The Honda Accord Hybrid, after sitting out a year, comes back for 2017 with better efficiency, more standard safety and tech options, and more power. Concerning better efficiency, Honda asserts it’s a fact in reality if not on paper.

The previous Accord Hybrid that joined the lineup just three years before as a 2014 model, boasted an EPA rating of 50 miles per gallon for city driving, 45 miles per gallon highway, as well as 47 miles per gallon combined. It was that 50 miles per gallon figure in particular that had both the carmaker and auto buyers salivating. Though, the Honda Accord Hybrid for 2017 is rated at 49/47/48 miles per gallon, respectively. In spite of the lower city miles per gallon figure on its EPA sticker, Honda reports the new Accord Hybrid actually is more efficient than its previous one. The reason they give? Changes to its EPA testing cycle. If the new model utilized the same test as the previous one, Honda states, the new hybrid Accord might match the older 50 miles per gallon city number, while additionally earning added miles per gallon in combined driving. With this out of the way, let us move onto what the fuel-efficient vehicle is like to drive.

Although the Honda Accord Hybrid for 2017 might be more efficient than its previous model, Honda did not urge any hyper-miling challenges while presenting it to the media, as the carmaker did with its previous version. Instead, it had the goal of showing that while absolutely it is efficient, it additionally drives like an Accord—that long has had a somewhat more dynamic edge than the competitor the Toyota Camry.

It hits the mark, for the most part. Test drives had testers energetically piloting the Accord Hybrid upon twirling two-lane streets through hill country inside California's Napa Valley, and straight-shot—and occasionally traffic-clogged—highways.

However, even before they reached the twisties that comprised most of their driving, it was obvious this Accord was a breed apart. With an overall 212-hp, the Accord Hybrid for 2017 has sixteen more ponies than the predecessor and twenty-seven more than the standard four-cylinder Accord. Also, at 232 lb-ft, it’ll create impressive torque.

Multi-mode Drives

On first acceleration, the Accord Hybrid for 2017 pulls quietly and strong, like an electric vehicle. And that is because although it has a 2.0L gas engine, the Accord Hybrid was made to act something like an e-vehicle, where electric motors power their wheels. As the gas engine may power its front wheels, its role often is as a generator.

Within that mode, referred to as Hybrid Drive, one of the Honda Accord's 2 electric motors will drive its front wheels whereas the Atkinson cycle gas engine powers a 2nd generator/motor that supplements current from the car's lithium-ion battery pack. Within Engine Drive mode, its front wheels are driven by both the electric motor and the gasoline engine. EV Drive, a third mode, permits the fuel-efficient model to be powered upon electricity alone for brief distances and under lighter loads.

If all of this sounds complex, do not be concerned: The Hybrid is wise enough to smoothly transition to the suitable driving mode depending upon need. It all makes for assertive and quiet driving, at least as you aren’t flooring it. If you do, the gas engine usually drones, and power transmission feels rubbery, like a continually variable transmission. The Accord Hybrid, interestingly, doesn’t utilize a conventional transmission, yet instead will engage a lock-up clutch connecting the gas engine to the electric propulsion motor which drives its wheels.

Over various streets, the Hybrid felt comfortable and buttoned up. Though, within harder cornering, the low-resistance, efficiency-minded tires protested more than its chassis.  Brake feel, that has a tendency to be "grabby" upon hybrid vehicles because of their dual role for energy regeneration and stopping, felt linear and natural in the first test.

Value Built In

Like the previous Accord Hybrid, the new model comes at a premium. Now available, a base hybrid begins at $30,440, over $6,000 above the base Accord that has an automatic transmission. However, that is an orange and apples comparison, because the Accord Hybrid is better equipped and actually is seen as a top-line trim. 

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