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2016 Toyota Sequoia - Baierl Automotive - Wexford, PA

The Toyota Sequoia may be one of the more underrated Toyota SUVs in the market today, which is quite strange considering that it is one of the largest Toyota SUVs and one of its cheapest. For its price, the SUV offers a ton of amazing interior and exterior features designed with the latest in vehicular technology. It also has safety features galore that will ensure total vehicular and passenger protection. For those residing in Wexford, PA, Baierl Automotive is the best dealership to visit as they offer all trim packages of the 2016 Toyota Sequoia. When visiting this popular dealership, be sure to test the SR5 trim. Here are some of its cool features.


The 2016 Sequoia SR5 large exterior starts off with a front bumper that is equipped with Multi-Reflector halogen headlights, daytime running headlamps, and automatic fog lights. On the sides of the SUV are four 18” alloy wheels and two body-colored side mirrors. These even have power-heated capabilities for driving under colder temperatures. In the rear of the vehicle is a tailgate release that features a rear spoiler with an LED Center light that adds an element of sportiness to the Sequoia SR5.

Moving inside the cabin of the 2016 Sequoia SR5, up to 5 passengers can comfortably sit on leather front and rear seats with power and manual adjustable features. These seats even have ergonomic lumbar support to provide added comfort especially on long road trips. Additionally, the cabin has a large third row cargo space suitable for storing personal items. Furthermore, the cabin also features a lot of utility features such as, multiple cup holders, storage compartments, cargo space, power windows, and power locks.


The 2016 Sequoia SR5 has a formidable engine that is ideal for its gargantuan size. It runs on a whopping 5.7 liter V8 engine that allows it to travel on maximum speeds of 381 horsepower with 401 pound feet of torque. Its engine is also designed with a 6 speed automatic transmission that utilizes 16 valves that run on variable valve timing.


The interior of the 2016 Sequoia SR5 is protected by essential safety features such as front, knee, and side-curtain airbags, front and rear seatbelts, child seat fasteners, and child safety locks.

Toyota vehicles are well-known to be one of the safest to drive because they are equipped with Toyota’s famed STAR safety system. This system packs the 2016 Sequoia SR5 with interior and exterior safety features that protect the vehicle and passengers constantly. Outside, the Sequoia SR5 has an anti-theft alarm system that efficiently monitors all external movement. This alarm system even has its own engine immobilizer that deploys in the event of a vehicular theft. It also runs on daytime running headlights that keep the vehicle more visible during the day. Other safety features worth mentioning are the tire-pressure monitoring system, vehicle stability assist with traction control, anti-lock brakes, blind-spot monitoring, electronic brake distribution, 4-wheel ABS, and traction control.


With its abundant safety features, the 2016 Sequoia SR5 also has a ton of technology features located inside and outside. Exteriorly, the SUV has a smart remote keyless entry system that utilizes smart key fob sensing to lock/unlock all vehicle entrances and power tailgate release simultaneously. The key fob sensing feature requires the vehicle key to be with drivers at all times. It also has power-adjustable mirrors which can be controlled inside the vehicle. These mirrors even have their own heating feature which is useful for driving in colder climates. Other tech features of the 2016 Sequoia SR5 are: backup sensors, a backup camera and front collision warning.  SR5 also has a lot of high-tech features inside its cabin. These features are, steering wheel controls, and auxiliary ports for mobile synchronization, and Multi-instrument Front Panel that includes: Toyota Entune Entertainment System which has an LCD Touch Screen, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Navigation, Bluetooth Hands-free Connectivity, Voice Control, and Odometers.

Baierl Automotive sells new and used Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Subaru and Toyota. Baierl is located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Serving areas near North Hills, Franklin Park, Sewickley, Coraopolis, Cranberry, Mars, Zelienople, Butler and all of Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Driven to be better.

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2016 Cadillac - Baierl Automotive - Wexford, PA

Since 1999, the Cadillac Escalade has been a top premium SUV in its segment. The 4th generation 2016 Escalade is currently at the top of the premium SUV market because of its price, it returns a ton of benefits and a lot of unbelievable features. It also offers an extremely powerful and reliable engine that allows the SUV to travel at faster speeds while saving on fuel consumption. The 2016 Escalade begins at a base price of $72, 970 and to those residing in Wexford, PA Baierl Automotive is a very popular dealership that offers their Cadillac vehicles at extremely affordable rates. Here is a closer look at the Luxury trim.

Beautiful Design From the Outside to the Inside

Stepping inside the 2016 Escalade Luxury, one could disappear in a world of comfort and luxury. The SUV’s cabin is decked out in material of the highest quality. There are front and rear seats that are leather stitched that provide ample room for 5 passengers. There is even a third row behind that acts as suitable storage space for personal cargo. In addition, the cabin also features a lot of utility features such as multiple cup holders, several storage compartments, plenty of cargo space and to top it all off it has power windows and power locks.

The Escalade returns this year looking extremely good with a host of all-new exterior features. Up front, the Escalade features a front bumper that sports LED headlamps, daytime running headlamps, and automatic fog lights. Moving to the side of the Escalade, the vehicle has four 22” spoke premium painted wheels with chrome inserts. On top of the wheels are two automatic power-heated side mirrors. In the rear of the SUV is an automatic tailgate release where cargo items can conveniently be stored. In addition the tailgate is outlined with LED taillights and is powered by remote keyless entry.

Engine Specifications

The 2016 Cadillac Escalade Luxury features a new 6.2 liter V8 engine that allows the SUV to achieve maximum speeds of 420 horsepower with 460 pound feet of torque. The engine also comes equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission with variable valve timing to allow the vehicle to produce favorable fuel consumption ratings.

Modern Technology That is a Must!

Inside the 2016 Escalade Luxury are the following tech features steering wheel controls, auxiliary ports for mobile device synchronization and the Cadillac CUE Entertainment System that consists of an LCD touch screen, as well as two LCD Screens in the rear of the vehicle, a Navigation system, SirusXM satellite radio, Bluetooth Hands-free Connectivity, voice control and of course your odometer. As a premium SUV, users can expect nothing but the most modern technology in their Escalade. The Luxury trim has many amazing tech features such as, a remote keyless entry system that simultaneously locks/unlocks all vehicle doors and tailgate release. This system relies on advanced key fob sensing that requires users to have the vehicle keys with them at all times. The Escalade also has power-heated side mirrors that prevent smog accumulation during cold temperatures. Other exterior technology features of the Escalade are Power-heated side mirrors, backup sensors, electronic fuel filter door, a rearview camera and a power sunroof.What more could you need?

Safety Features

Aside from tech features, the 2016 Escalade Luxury also offers cutting edge safety features. Outside, it has an anti-theft alarm system that effectively monitors all outside movement. This system even has its own automatic engine immobilizer that temporarily suspends all engine operations temporarily. It also has blind zone alert that prevents the vehicle from colliding with vehicles in the adjacent lane. In addition, the Escalade Luxury also has tire-pressure monitoring system, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake distribution, blind spot monitoring, and traction control.

The interior of the 2016 Cadillac Escalade Luxury also has a lot of safety features such as multiple airbags, front and rear seatbelts, child seat fasteners, and child safety locks.

Baierl Automotive sells new and used Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Subaru and Toyota. Baierl is located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Serving areas near North Hills, Franklin Park, Sewickley, Coraopolis, Cranberry, Mars, Zelienople, Butler and all of Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Driven to be better.

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Ford Fusion

Whether you are from Pittsburgh, Wexford, or Cranberry, and you need a mid-sizer that offers not only a sporty feel and vibe, but also luxurious comfort, you most likely have your eyes set on the latest Ford Fusion model year. Before you go ahead and purchase this one though, pay BAIERL Automotive a visit first so you can check out the Ford Fusion; a perfect choice for those requiring a midsize-vehicle on a budget.

The Ford Fusion and Its Sportier Feel and Better Overall Performance

One of the best reasons you would first want to take a better look at the Fusion is because of its great qualities, especially in terms of offering a sporty feel and vibe. In addition, it succeeds its predecessors in terms of handling, driving, maneuverability, and overall performance.

The Key Highlights of the Fusion

Ever since the Fusion came out, it garnered many different praises, all thanks to its distinguishing and amazing qualities. For instance, in the Ford Fusion, one of the most attractive features it has, aside from those already mentioned above, is its accurate steering. It also boasts of a strong braking system as well as smooth cruising performance, allowing not only the driver but the passengers as well to enjoy a pleasurable and peaceful ride.

Riding in Comfort Even On Winding and Curvy Roads

Check out as many reviews as you can about the Fusion, and you will see something similar in many of them: almost everyone who has owned or driven in one (regardless of trim level), enjoyed a comfortable driving experience through winding, zigzag, and curvy roads. This said, you can expect an even more pleasurable drive on highways. All in all, when you are in the market for a ride that really delivers fun and enjoyment on almost any type of road, this Fusion model year may just be right for you.

The Impressive My Key Technology on All the Fusion Trims

Before Ford launched the Fusion, the My Key Technology was only offered as an option for all the previous model years. However, a new for the version is that this useful technology now comes as a standard on all of the available trim levels. Thus, whichever of the trims you opt for, you can enjoy this feature-rich package which includes keyless entry system, MP3 capability, automatic headlights, capless fuel filler, audio jacks, and a voice-activated communications/entertainment.

Throw in Any of the Optional Upgrade Packages for an Even Greater Ride

The Ford Fusion comes with optional Ugprade Packages, all of which increases the midsizer’s performance, safety, and enjoyment. First instance, there is the Technology Package, which includes the My Ford Touch synch technology (this one comes with an 8” LCD touchscreen display, SD card reader, RCA inputs, two USB ports, dual-zone climate control, and a rearview camera. Go for the Appearance Package, and you will have a leather-wrapped steering wheel, unique cloth-covered upholstery, fog lights, 18” alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler. As for the Luxury Package, it fits the Fusion with heated front seats, rear parking sensors, auto dimming mirrors, keyless ignition, and leather upholstery.

Getting the Best Out of the Titanium Model

When you have the dough and you want the best of all the available Ford Fusion Trims, then you definitely should consider the Titanium, which packs a whopping punch. Equipped with a 2.0L, I-4 Eco-Boost turbocharged engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, this 4x4 all-wheel-drive drivetrain also comes with an optional front-wheel drive option. Standard equipment and amenities in this trim include 18” wheels, illuminated keyless passive entry, push button start technology, reversing camera, sport tuned suspension, HD radio, high quality 12-speaker audio system, and leather seats giving off a sporty appeal.

The Verdict

Although the Ford Fusion is an outgoing model, it does not mean you should cross it out of your potential buys this year, especially since it is far from having outdated technologies, features, and amenities. Its lengthy list of nifty standard and add-on features gives you an older model, yet powerful mid-sizer.

Give the Ford Fusion a Test Drive ASAP

While you can read as many reviews like this one as you can to learn more about the Ford Fusion, there is no other great way to really know how it feels like driving or riding in one except when you give it a test drive. When you test drive this vehicle, you can then determine whether or not it suits you and which of the trims best applies for your needs and preferences.

When you want to give the Ford Fusion a test drive, pay BAIERL Automotive a visit as soon as you can, just like what many other Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry car shoppers did. Through the assistance of the dealership’s highly experienced and trained staff, you can make the right purchasing decision. 

Baierl Automotive sells new and used Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Subaru and Toyota. Baierl is located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Serving areas near North Hills, Franklin Park, Sewickley, Coraopolis, Cranberry, Mars, Zelienople, Butler and all of Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Driven to be better.

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Ford Focus

Many Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry car shoppers have sought the help and advice of the well-trusted dealership BAIERL Automotive, thanks to the firm’s reputation of having in employ some of the best and most knowledgeable automobile specialists. So when you are out in the market for a sedan or a hatchback, you should consider paying them a visit to check out the outgoing model 2014 Ford Focus, which remains as popular and well-liked as ever.

The Sporty, European-Inspired Design of the Used Focus

One of the best reasons the Focus line-up has become so popular is because of its sporty, European-influenced design. This gives the sedan/hatchback a sporty exterior and feel. Thrown in the sport package available for the SE trim level, and you can enjoy a long list of great add-ons, including 17” aluminum wheels, fog lights, ambient interior lighting, leather-covered steering wheel, and leather upholstery among several others.

The Uniqueness of the ST Trim

As for the ST trim, you can expect a one-of-a-kind ride out of it. It boasts of unique qualities, such as a grille design especially made for this trim only. Aside from a front fascia, you also get a side moldings and high rear spoiler. Add to that the 18” wheels made only for the ST trim, and you definitely can make your ride all the more sporty-looking. To make things even better, go for the optional HID headlights. 

The Electric Version You Should Also Check Out

For the Used Focus line-up, the manufacturer decided to offer it in an electric version truly worth checking out, because of all the significant improvements it received. For instance, it features a great-looking piano-black front grille, accented with chrome. The headlights also now feature LED accents and come with an automatic on/off power system. It also features LED tail lights, rear spoiler, cruise control system, automatic air conditioning, integrated navigation platform, 17” wheels, and an illuminated front fender power-charger.

The Standard Equipment You Can Enjoy with all the Available Trims

Ford has a reputation for manufacturing outstanding vehicles, and the good-numbered list of standard features and equipment that come with all of the available trims is just one proof of that. Whatever trim level you choose, you will get power side mirrors, integrated blind-spot system, and halogen headlights.

For Entertainment and Convenience, the Used Focus Has You Covered

Another of the greatest attractions to the Ford Focus product line-up lies behind its manufacturing with the engineers keeping in mind to ensure that drivers and their passengers remain not only entertained, but comfortable as well. The well thought-off design of the Used Ford Focus includes a list of great standard equipment for enjoyment, including an MP3 decoder, a CD player, a radio data system, as well as an AM/FM radio. The hatchback model features an audio control system mounted on its steering wheel. In addition, the hatchback model also comes equipped with wireless phone connectivity as well as outside temperature display.

Interiors that Deliver Superb Comfort

The Used Focus, just like the rest of its predecessors, remain on top of the list of sedan/hatchback shoppers because of its reputation for delivering superb comfort. Highly rated for the comfortability level of its interiors, you can expect great things from either body types, including a well-endowed, roomy cabin; soft touch materials and surfaces; comfortable seating; as well as sufficient head room and leg room.

The Exceptional Safety Equipment of the Used Focus

Ford, throughout its long history, has not disappointed its loyalists when it comes to safety. Almost all of its vehicle offerings have garnered high safety ratings, and the Used Focus is not an exemption. Although an older, outgoing model, know that it safety components are still of exceptional quality. There are the seven different airbags equipped in the car, plus a driver’s knee airbag and even an occupant sensing airbag. All trim levels also come standard with electronic stability, Driveline traction control, four-wheel anti-lock brakes (with brake assist), as well as anti-roll bars installed in both the front and the back. All trims also feature four-wheel independent suspension.

Why You Definitely Should Consider the Used Focus

Now that you know more about the Used Focus, you should already realize that it remains a top competitor in the sedan/hatchback segment, despite the fact that it is not the newest model year. You should definitely consider this Focus model year, especially when you have a limited budget but you want a ride that is as reliable, dependable, and safe.

Head to the BAIERL Automotive Dealership to Check the Used Focus Now

To really experience the driving and handling capabilities of the Used Ford Focus, the best way to do it is to give one a test drive. And thanks to BAIERL Automotive, you can do just that. The dealership has, in employ, highly qualified staff who will first help you determine whether or not this Focus model year is just right for you, and when you do want it, they will guide you through making the right decision as to which trim level to get. Whether you are from Pittsburgh, Wexford, or Cranberry, you can rely on this firm. 


Baierl Automotive sells new and used Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Subaru and Toyota. Baierl is located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Serving areas near North Hills, Franklin Park, Sewickley, Coraopolis, Cranberry, Mars, Zelienople, Butler and all of Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Driven to be better.

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Kia Rio

For Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry car shoppers looking for a subcompact car, you should take the time to check out the Kia Rio that BAIERL Automotive carries. With the availability in both the regular Rio and the Rio 5-Door versions, you have many different choices. Add to that the fact that these come with attractive price tags, and you definitely will be happy when you do take a good look at this Kia offering. 

A Powerful Choice in the Subcompact Vehicle Segment

Despite the fact that the 2016 Kia Rio and Kia Rio 5-Door have really attractive prices, this does not necessarily mean they lack something that makes them a great choice. In fact, both body styles make it to the list of the best subcompact vehicles out in the market today. In fact, as soon as you see one, hop in it, and give it a test drive, you will not think that you are maneuvering one of the less-pricey subcompacts available today. And with its bold exterior design, as well as its pleasant-looking and well-laid-out interiors, what you have is a powerful choice in the subcompact car segment.

The Muscle behind the 2016 Rio

Both the Rio and the Rio 5-Door body styles operate on a 1.6L, gasoline direct-injection, 4-cylinder powertrain. This machine can generate up to 138 horses and has a torque rating of 123 pound-feet. With this muscle, you can rest assure that your ride will run and perform exceptionally and willingly.

Three Trims to Suit Anyone’s Needs

Whichever of the two body styles you choose from, you have three options when it comes to trim levels. There is the base LX trim, followed by the mid-level EX trim, and finally, the top of the line SX trim. The LX is the only trim that allows you to choose between a manual and an automatic transmission (six-speed).

A Shower of Standard Features on the Base Level

Even when you just opt for the entry-level LX, you will already enjoy a shower of standard features including heated power, covered 15” steel wheels, rear wiper/washer, heated power side mirrors, rear defroster, satellite radio, USB/auxiliary input, AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo system, 60/40-split folding rear seat, good quality cloth upholstery, tilt steering column air conditioning, and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

What You Get When you Step Up to the 2016 Rio EX

The Rio EX, which comes standard with a 6-speed automatic transmission, obviously has more features compared with the entry-level. You will find most of the equipment on the LX here, plus several other standard features, including cruise control, power equipment (windows and locks), keyless remote entry, premium cloth upholstery, Bluetooth connectivity, A-pillar-mounted tweeters, and a tilt-and-telescope steering wheel.

For a Sportier Ride, Go with the Rio SX

When you want something sportier, you should definitely consider the 2016 Kia Rio SX. Aside from many of the standards found on the lower level trims, you also get the following as standards: 17” alloy wheels, sport-tuned suspension, power-folding side mirrors (complete with turn-signal indicators), ventilated front disc brakes, UVO infotainment system, automatic on/off headlights, paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel, rear backup camera, LED taillights, soft-touch dash pad, and fog lights.

The Awesome Standard Safety Elements on All Trims

Whichever of the Kia Rio trims you opt for, you can expect it to have the following safety elements as standards: front airbags, front side-impact airbags, front side-curtain airbags, rear side-curtain airbags, electronic traction control, electronic vehicle stability control, and 4-wheel anti-lock braking system.

Choosing between the Traditional Rio and the 5-Door Hatchback

It all depends on your personal preference and your requirements, so it is extremely important you take a much closer look at both the traditional sedan and the five-door hatchback body styles. This way, you can determine which of the two best suits your tastes and needs. Note though, that the sedan’s proportions exceed that of the hatchback version, but in terms of functionalities, you may be better off with the five-door hatchback.

Give the Kia Rio a Well-Deserved Test Drive Now

Once you have decided it is time to check out the Kia Rio, you should go directly to BAIERL Automotive. This way, you can give both the sedan and the hatchback a much closer inspection. You can also give one of the units a test drive, as this allows you to really have a first-hand feel and experience of what the this Rio model year has to offer.

So do not delay visiting BAIERL Automotive. With the dealership’s expert, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff members, you can see for yourself just what the 2016 Rio is made of and which of the trim levels suits you perfectly. The staff will help you make the best decision, just like what they did for the rest of their Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry car shopper clients. 

Baierl Automotive sells new and used Acura, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Subaru and Toyota. Baierl is located in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Serving areas near North Hills, Franklin Park, Sewickley, Coraopolis, Cranberry, Mars, Zelienople, Butler and all of Greater Pittsburgh, PA. Driven to be better.

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